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*pokes community* Are we alive?

I actually found you all in looking for communities for a fandom of mine that seems almost dead (I'm one of the four or five non-Mary Sue writers for it, which should be a clue as to which one ~_^ If my icon wasn't ~_^)

I also am into many of the things this comm is (Trigun and FFVII are big interests. I'm semi convinced that otaku are the new hippies ~_^), and I'd like to introduce as interests the musician Hyde. If you've never heard of him, google for some of his lyrics: some have said he's possibly en route to becoming the Japanese U2, and I'd somewhat agree, but I think he's a LOT more than just a U2 clone. I especially recommend "It's Sad," "Mission," and "Dolly" from the latest album.

^_^ Love and peace, all.
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