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Look at that...

Once, a few days ago, I was in a really bad mood...
So I wrote a song.....really not bad
It is not juat a poem, but it also has a really nice melody.

Love and Peace on world,
that's what we live for,
Love and Peace for U,
no mater who U are.

Love and Peace on Earth,
no mater what they say,
we want Love and Peace
for our families.

People are dying for no use,
peace is like a necklece which we can lose.

When you look
at sycneses or dying,
tell me,
what's the use of crying?

If you are brave and smart,
you will try to stop it,
and insist for guns and knives,
let people just dropp it.

We are all just people,
can't you see?
And we wan't no war but just PEACE.

SO, people, what do you think???????????'
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